Living in Suburbia

Kara’s Wedding/Florida Getaway

We visited Florida over the extended Oct 18th weekend to celebrate Bill’s niece Kara’s wedding and then ended with a day at Clearwater Beach. We had a fantastic time and the wedding was beautiful....

Hotel Lorien/Spa Day

Girl’s Spa Day/Night Out at the Hotel Lorien. We enjoyed a day at the spa with lunch at La Fromagerie followed by an evening out at RedRocks pizzeria, La Tasca and at Murphy’s Irish Pub.

2014 Visit to Cedar Point

My parents have been wanting to meet us a Cedar Point for a while now but Terak has been on the young side and we didn’t want to make the additional trip north with...


2014 Michigan Summer Vacation

We returned on Friday from our annual Michigan summer vacation and I just finished up uploading the pictures. We enjoyed our time with family and friends and enjoyed the cooler weather, this time visiting...