Day 3/4: VA Beach

On Sunday, we woke up after another good night of sleep and Bill cooked us a delicious breakfast once again. We took our time enoying our breakfast and then packed up and headed back to the beach once more.

Terak was much more worn out today so we didn’t stay at the beach long before packing up and heading to lunch, back at Lager Heads again very close by. The food and atmosphere were perfect so it was a great way to cap off the morning.

We received coupons for Ben and Jerry’s the previous day so we ordered a scoop of candy bar pie to split before jumping back in the car and heading back to the KOA for the afternoon.

After returning back to the camp site, we headed off to the pool and enjoyed that for the afternoon. Terak enjoyed going back down the slides and we relaxed a bit. He took advantage of the jumping pillow afterward and then we cooked hot dogs over the fire.

Shortly after dinner, we noticed some commotion across the street at a nearby house. Apparently there is a paint ball range behind the owners house (where all the cops were). Well, someone butt dialed their phone on accident and all the police heard was “I’m going down, I’ve been shot!” – so the whole police crew showed up after triangulating the area where the call was made. Scary for the people living in the house! But the whole thing was done pretty quickly. A little evening entertainment. :)

After that adventure, we headed to the camp store for some additonal campfire wood and then took a walk around the campground. We were disappointed that there wasn’t any camp lights hung from the campers.

On Monday morning we had our yummy breakfast again and then took off toward home. Thankfully we had an uneventful trip back!

2015 VA Beach Camping Photos

VA Beach: Day 2


  We got up this morning and Bill cooked us a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage and English muffins  on the griddle and we ate in the lovely morning sunshine outside our cabin. 

Our main activity for the day was the beach so after we breakfast we packed the car and headed to spend the day at the beach. Bill and Terak built a sandscastle and I enjoyed myself by reading a magazine and taking photos of the boys. We all enjoyed swimming in the ocean and Bill enjoyed some boogie boarding. 

For lunch we walked up a block to Dough Boys for pizza. Service ended up being bad at the end but the drinks and pizza were delicious. 

After lunch we went back and played at the beach until 3:30. We then stopped by Fresh Mart and headed back to camp to get ready for dinner.

We headed back to the beach for dinner and are at Watermans Grille on the north side of the beach. Portions were small but the food was very fresh and tasty. I had fish tacos and Bill had shrimp, scallops and lump crab. Terak was very tired although he made it through dinner without many issues.

This evening we are hanging out around the smoke, er, campfire that is!

VA Beach: Day 1


 Our drive down was fairly uneventful today. We left around 8 and arrived around noon. We checked into our cabin and then headed out to lunch. 

To kick off our mini-trip, we decided to go to Rudees on the inlet which has yummy drinks and swinging benches to dine on. Food was so-so but the atmosphere made up for it.

After lunch we headed to Food Lion go get food for our weekend. We have a nice store only a couple miles from here.

For the afternoon, we headed to the pool at our campground and Terak enjoyed swimming and going down the water slides. We spent about 2 hours there and then we came back to get ready for dinner.

Terak wanted to see the sand so we decided to have dinner at the beach at Lager Heads. The atmosphere and food were great. We enjoyed our dinner and then headed to walk a bit on the beach.

We’re calling it an early night and heading to bed.

Disney Cruise – Review



We had a great time with our awesome friends and the weather was beautiful – mid-70s without a drop of rain! All of that combined made the trip a great time but we were highly disappointed in the Disney cruise experience. Minus the Pirate night and the live Toy Story show, the rest was pretty sub-par, especially compared with the Royal Caribbean experiences we’ve had before.

Some of the low-lights:

  • Waiters were rude and gave no special attention to Terak. I was looking forward to some interaction as I’ve heard that’s one of the perks of a Disney cruise  – kids who are entertained! He got a coloring sheet which we’d go over each evening but that was about it. Thankfully he enjoyed his dinners and the food did come very fast but other than that, we weren’t impressed.
  • Food was pretty bad. Two of the nights I didn’t even eat my dinner! I’m not that picking and I was definitely hungry.
  • Pools were small and overcrowded.
  • The buffet wasn’t open all the time so we had to settle for yucky pool food twice.
  • Ship rocked too much so I felt nauseous much of the time.
  • Someone drowned at Castaway Cay.
  • If you didn’t go to the evening show, there was very little that we found to do otherwise.

Some of the high-lights:

  • Beautiful weather
  • Castaway Cay was beautiful – a true island oasis
  • Stateroom was nice
  • Ship was very clean
  • Drink service was good
  • Key West was fun – rented a buggy to see the island
  • Lots of fun laughs with B&A
  • Pirate Night was very fun – felt like a big party

So… overall it was a fun time but I think I’m just done with cruises in general. I just want to fly somewhere and say on land for my vacation and explore that way. Cruises feel a little rushed. Not feeling well the day your in port? You miss is completely. Not very fun.

2014 Parents Fall Visit


My parents decided to pay us a quick September fall visit this year since we have travel plans in October which is when they usually visit.

We kept our Friday normal so that T could go to preschool. My parents enjoyed seeing his school and watching him on the playground before we picked him up.

On Saturday, we spent the day at Marker-Miller apple orchard in Winchester. T played on the playset, we picked apples, ate some donuts, rode the wagon ride and headed out. We had a nice time and ended the evening at El Sol Azteca in Ashburn.

We hung around the house on Sunday as we needed to prep for the week and keep things fairly low-key.

2014 Parents Fall Visit (All Photos)

Hotel Lorien/Spa Day

Girl’s Spa Day/Night Out at the Hotel Lorien. We enjoyed a day at the spa with lunch at La Fromagerie followed by an evening out at RedRocks pizzeria, La Tasca and at Murphy’s Irish Pub.

Preschool, Lake Anne and Chalkfest

I’ve been trying to do a much better job documenting our life in addition to making sure we stay active and out of the house on the weekends. This week and weekend satisfied both goals.

The first big event of the week was T starting preschool. We had been talking about it for months so I think T was sick of discussing it and just wanted to get on with it! He did great at drop off and continued to have a great week. I’m very proud of him and am so very thankful he did so well last week.

With my new schedule, I have a couple of hours available on Friday afternoon’s to relax and rejuvenate. This Friday, I decided to check out Lake Anne, browse around the Reston Used Book store and chill at the Bean Bar in Leesburg. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and I look forward to many more of those afternoons in the future. It recharged me for the weekend.

On Saturday, we took a family outing to Reston to see Chalkfest. It was a local public arts project where artists, amateurs and families colored on the sidewalk with chalk. We had lunch at Vapiano’s and then wandered around the center looking at art. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more art but maybe next year more people will attend.

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak’s Room

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak's Room

We’ve been updating Terak’s room over the past couple of weeks and I finally had the chance to take some photos after we finalized the gallery wall today.

We started the update by converting his DaVinci crib from the baby bed to a toddler bed, getting a new mattress and updating the bedding. Once that was complete, it was time to get rid of the old changing table/dresser combo and get him a new dresser. I took the chance to scour craigslist and found a nice $100 Bassett dresser for sale, waiting to be painted! The dresser was in great condition, so I repainted it, drilled new holes for hardware, and viola, a new shiny red dresser. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I used Behr’s primer + paint and was pleased with how nicely the paint took.

The next update was adding a mirror above the dresser, which I grabbed from Target. Since we’re very nautical in his room, I found a cute porthole mirror that went along great with the rest of the room theme. We added that at the beginning of the week and then added some photos around the mirror just today. Progress and updates below.

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak's Room

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak's Room

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak's Room

New Dresser/Gallery Wall for Terak's Room